DIY: Faux Snakeskin Headband

Faux snakeskin headband, Kiku Corner  (2)

This faux snakeskin headband is not a difficult craft, but it is something  you’ll actually wear. I find that most headbands don’t sit well on my head- maybe they’re too slippery or my head has a funny shape, but they always slide off the back when I wear them. Do you have that problem too?

Although this headband is simple, it’s not boring. I found a beautiful piece of blue faux snakeskin leather in the odds and end bin at my favourite leather store. You’ll just need a few other notions and about five minutes of work and then it’s ready to wear.

Faux snakeskin headband, Kiku Corner 1

DIY Faux Snakeskin Headband


one piece blue faux snakeskin leather, 2.5-cm by 35-cm

two metal dome studs with prongs

one dark grey ribbon, 0.5-cm by 40-cm

glue suitable for leather


  1. On one end of the leather strip, cut off the corners at an angle to make a pointy end. Repeat on other end of the leather strip.
  2. Cut ribbon in half to make two 20-cm pieces. Using some glue, attach the end of one piece of ribbon to the wrong side of one of the pointed ends of the leather. Repeat with the other piece of ribbon on the other end of the leather.
  3. Before glue dries, use the stud to pierce through the good side of the leather and the ribbon to reinforce it. Repeat on other side. Wait for glue to dry before wearing it.

Faux snakeskin headband, Kiku Corner 2

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