Schwarzwälder Kirsch Trifle – Black Forest Trifle

Black Forest Trifle

I made this Black Forest Trifle for our family’s Christmas Eve dessert. A few years ago I made another trifle, but our mom said it wasn’t boozy enough. So this time, I used a LOT of rum! This recipe needs a round of day-old chocolate cake, either one from a mix, a one-bowl chocolate cake, […]

Vanilla Trifle with Blueberries, Chocolate Cake, and Vodka

Vanilla Trifle with Blueberries and Chocolate Cake

     Trifle is such an easy dessert that I can’t really take credit for a recipe. So, this is the collection of ingredients that we had on hand: chocolate pound cake, vanilla custard, vanilla whipped cream, whipped cream-flavoured vodka, and wild blueberries. All of these ingredients are tasty on their own, but together they nicely complement […]

Easy Creamy Vanilla Custard

Easy Vanilla Custard, Kiku Corner

   When our mom was a little girl in rural Germany, one of her chores was to make her older brother vanilla pudding after school. He was three years older so I don’t know why he couldn’t make it himself – it was so easy since the custard she made was from a powdered mix […]

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