Bologna in Bologna, the Learned, the Fat, the Red

Bologna in Bologna

Bologna was our next stop after Parma and Modena. Bologna is often called La Grassa (the Fat One) because of the city’s tremendous cuisine, and we made sure to eat our fill here. We stayed at a bed and breakfast in what seemed to be a couple’s apartment off Via Guglielmo Marconi. Our room was […]

Honeydew Juice

Chill out this summer with a light and cooling honeydew juice. This recipe is a handy solution for any melon that is not perfectly ripe, including those with a mealy texture that can be unappetizing. The addition of honey really enhances the natural “honeydew” flavour and hides any imperfections in the fruit. Chill the glasses before serving your […]

Happy Hour: Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade

Tomiko and I tried a cup of lavender lemonade when we were travelling through Prince Edward County last summer. It was delicious! To make it more obvious that you’re drinking or serving the lavender lemonade, try adding a drop of red and two drops of blue food colouring to the whole batch to lightly tint […]

Chocolate Covered Mango Popsicle

Chocolate Covered Mango Popsicle

Ryan tried this chocolate covered mango popsicle in Brooklyn when we visited a few summers ago. Of course I had to take a bite, and it was fresh, cooling, delicious, and healthier than any ice cream or sorbets! This chocolate covered frozen mango popsicle tastes decadent and is a great cooling snack on a hot summer day. Make […]

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