Fennel Slaw with Garlic Dressing

Fennel is such a strange vegetable, all fibrous like celery but spicy like anise, and I never really gave it much thought. A few weeks ago Meinhilde brought home some fennel from her market, and I had no choice but to find a good recipe. This was also the same time that I rediscovered my love for crunchy […]

Cabbage and Broccoli Slaw with Creamy Poppyseed Dressing

Cabbage and Broccoli Slaw with Creamy Poppyseed Dressing

This cabbage and broccoli slaw with creamy poppyseed dressing has the delicious combination of sweet, tangy, and crunchy flavours and textures all in one bite. The cabbage and broccoli slaw can also be made a day before you plan to serve it without getting limp and ‘weepy.’ Vegetables can be expensive in the dead of […]

Thick’n’Creamy New England Clam Chowder

Thick'n'Creamy New England Clam Chowder

Travelling through New England in spring 2014 and autumn 2015, my parents and I made sure to take advantage of the local quahog clams via delicious, creamy clam chowder. Manhattan clam chowder is lighter and tomato-based, but New England clam chowder is thick and creamy and rich. Here is a recipe that I made for Tomiko, […]

Asparagus Wrapped in Puff Pastry

Asparagus Wrapped in Puff Pastry.

I made this asparagus wrapped in puff pastry for Tomiko’s 30th birthday party. They are simple but a little time consuming to assemble, but everyone loved them and we only had a few left over! There were many other flavourful items at the birthday buffet, so I kept the seasonings on the asparagus wrapped in […]

Cheese and Crackers with Pesto

Cheese and Crackers with Pesto

This is a more grown-up version of regular old cheese and crackers. Adding a bit of pesto, like pesto Genovese or my lemon dill pesto, dresses up this little appetizer and adds a touch of colour and hit of flavour. You can use many types of cheeses for this simple but tasty appetizer. Here, from […]

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