Toronto Eats: Ramen Raijin

Toronto Eats: Ramen Raijin

Over the weekend, Ryan and I ate lunch with one of his friends at Ramen Raijin. Ramen Raijin is part of the Zakkushi Group of restaurants, others of which include Sushiya Sushi Bar and a few locations of Zakkushi Yakitori Izakaya. Obviously Ramen Raijin specializes in ramen, and they offer their house-made noodles in either chicken or […]

The Year in Books: June with the Life-Changing Magic Art of Tidying Up

I openly admit that I hate tidying up and am a borderline hoarder. Mix those qualities into a tiny downtown apartment and the result is a disastrously messy home. It drives Donatello, a naturally neat person, nuts. I heard about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and the title immediately caught my attention. Since it […]

Torta di Castagne – Chocolate Chestnut Cake

Torta di Castagne - Chocoalte Chestnut Cake

I adapted this chestnut cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly Italian Cookbook. We bought the cookbook in Saudi Arabia many years ago, so I’m not sure if the it’s still being published. Anyhow, it’s an Italian recipe. Which is odd, considering that I brought this cake as a hostess gift to our family friends’ house, and one […]

Real Japanese Food

Real Japanese Food

There are dozens upon dozens of sushi restaurants in Toronto, so naturally people think Japanese food = sushi. Not so! That’s like saying American food = hot dogs, or German food = sausages. Yes, those cuisines include those foods, but they are just one type of dish. Likewise, sushi is only one type of dish. […]

Oden – Japanese Stew

Oden - Japanese Stew

Back in 2010, Tomiko and I spent all of April visiting our high school friend in Tokyo. Her mom had just left a day before we arrived, and she had prepared oden, a Japanese stew, for our first dinner. Oden is a stew that consists of a dashi-based broth and contains a variety of ingredients, such […]

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