The Kiku Corner Etsy Shop is Open!

Kiku Corner’s Etsy shop is now open! We’ve been planning and working on the Kiku Corner Etsy shop for a while now. Now, we’ve got several items available in the shop, and we ship worldwide. Please keep in mind that we make all our items by hand with quality materials: our accessories are made with […]

Crafty Circle Sundays

Crafty Circle Sundays, Kiku Corner

Last fall, a friend expressed her desire to be one of those little old ladies at an old-fashioned quilting bee. This inspired me to send out an invitation to a few more friends to see if they’d like to get together regularly, throughout the winter, to work on crafty projects. The gathering was a success! There […]

DIY: Knit a Silk Bamboo Scarf

DIY: Knitted Purple Silk Bambo Scarf, Kiku Corner

This scarf is perfect for anyone that cannot wear wool. The fibres are so glossy and soft that there is no chance of any wool-related itch. I wanted to make a gift for our mother, who is both sensitive to wool’s scratchiness and is always too warm. Basically, she is never cold and I needed to find […]

DIY: Crocheted Slouchy Beanie

DIY Crocheted Slouchy Beanie, Kiku Corner

For this hat, I used some old acrylic worsted weight yarn that I had lying around the house, and a 5.50mm crochet hook. I had about one skein of yarn, so it was enough to crochet this beanie, which I altered a bit to fit my head (I’ve got a large noggin). The pattern is […]

DIY: Crocheted Lacy Turquoise Shawl and Free Pattern

DIY: Crocheted Lacy Turquoise Shawl, Kiku Corner

My office at work is small but with a giant, drafty window. It gets really cold when I’m at my desk, but I refuse to sit and work while wearing my winter coat! So I crocheted this Graceful Shell Shawl using five skeins of 100% wool from Romni Wools so it’s quite warm, plus it’s […]

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