Toronto Eats: Bar Begonia

Bar Begonia

Tomiko passed her CPA exam, so the whole family went to the nearby Bar Begonia to celebrate. Bar Begonia is a Parisian cocktail bar by Anthony Rose, a restaurateur who has several restaurants along Dupont St (as well as other neighbourhoods) in Toronto. The building is a weird, almost ziggurat shape that has been empty […]

Happy Hour: The Fancy Ryan Whiskey Cocktail

Fancy Ryan Whiskey Cocktail

Ryan loves whiskey and has several types stored in our liquor cabinet. He has a few pricey ones he’ll drink neat, but also some cheaper ones that go well in mixed drinks. This is a cocktail that he started making, and he says that every time he has it he likes it more and more. […]

The Year in Books: January with The Craft Cocktail Party by Julie Reiner

The Craft Cocktail Party by Julie Reimer

Tomiko and I found The Craft Cocktail Party by Julie Reiner at our public library and have since been working on collecting a variety of liquors and liqueurs with which to make delicious cocktails. Reiner is co-owner of a couple swanky bars in New York City and one of the few people responsible for the current revival […]

Happy Hour: Tequila Lime Gingerale

Tequila Lime Gingerale

Our aunt made these delicious tequila lime gingerale cocktails for us when we visited her on Toronto Island for the yacht club sail past. She had just returned from Mexico with a bag of juicy Mexican limes, and we used up her whole stash when mixing up these drinks for whoever was passing by. I’m not really […]

Zesty Mint Virgin Cocktail

I’ve lived both in England and at sea, two infamous places for excessive drinking. Let’s just say that I learned to comply with the local customs. These days, my bestie is pregnant and I’ve had to become more creative with my virgin cocktails. Although she’s probably happiest with a non-alcoholic beer, I’ll try this zesty […]

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