Easy One-Bowl Chocolate Cake

Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake

This is a classic, plain chocolate cake where all the ingredients are placed in a bowl and beaten together. Unlike other cakes (like the White Chocolate Raspberry Birthday Cake) where you have to combine butter, dry ingredients, milk, and meringue all in a certain order, this is super easy. I made this as my birthday […]

Vanilla Trifle with Blueberries, Chocolate Cake, and Vodka

Vanilla Trifle with Blueberries and Chocolate Cake

     Trifle is such an easy dessert that I can’t really take credit for a recipe. So, this is the collection of ingredients that we had on hand: chocolate pound cake, vanilla custard, vanilla whipped cream, whipped cream-flavoured vodka, and wild blueberries. All of these ingredients are tasty on their own, but together they nicely complement […]

Chocolate Turtle Birthday Cake

Chocolate Turtle Birthday Cake, Kiku Corner

In July I made Tomiko’s birthday cake, a white chocolate raspberry cake that was light, fluffy and fruity. Karlos, however, loves things that are nutty and chocolatey. To my surprise, he allowed me to bake his birthday cake too (instead of getting one from Dufflet Pastries). After prodding him with questions as to what kind […]

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