One Bowl Brownies

One Bowl Brownies

Here’s an easy recipe for simple one bowl brownies.¬†Even though there is no melted chocolate in this recipe, the cocoa and the beating of the mixture allows for the one bowl brownies to be squidgy and fudgy. Although these decadent brownies are dense and fudgy as well, they use rather a lot of melted chocolate. […]

Decadently Dense Walnut Brownies

Decadently Dense Walnut Brownies, Kiku Corner

If you have ever searched for the perfect dense, squidgy brownie, this is it. I can’t abide by cakey brownies – just eat a bloody chocolate sheet cake! The texture of these brownies are accurately reflected in the title – they are indeed decadently dense, squidgy and gooey. These brownies are immensely chocolatey because they […]

Easy Fudgy Brownies

Fudgy Brownies, Kiku Corner

There are cakey brownies, fudgy brownies, iced brownies…but in my opinion, fudgy brownies are the quintessential brownie. If you want a cakey brownie, why not just eat chocolate cake? I also don’t understand people who like iced brownies. If your brownie is flavourful enough, it doesn’t need to be dressed up in icing. I think […]

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