Chili Bacon Okra Bites

These chili bacon okra bites are a bit spicy, salty, and squishy all in one delicious mouthful. Okra is a funny ingredient and often doesn’t have too many fans. That’s why I tried my fail-proof addition to intensify the flavour and appearance: bacon. The chili also provides the right amount of heat to make these interesting.

Asian Slaw with Sesame Dressing

I could eat this Asian slaw with sesame dressing every day. In case you didn’t notice, crunchy slaws are definitely popular at Kiku Corner this winter: see our other variations here and here. This one is colourful with Asian-inspired flavour combinations. The tangy dressing is not oily and holds up well against the fibrous cabbage.

Easy Cheater’s Caesar Salad Dressing

Easy Cheater's Caesar Salad Dressing

This is a really easy recipe for Caesar salad dressing that whisks up in a flash. It is similar in flavour to my other Caesar dressing recipe which uses raw eggs; this one is faster and easier since it uses ready-made mayonnaise as a base. Once made, it lasts for up to two weeks in the […]

Fennel Slaw with Garlic Dressing

Fennel is such a strange vegetable, all fibrous like celery but spicy like anise, and I never really gave it much thought. A few weeks ago Meinhilde brought home some fennel from her market, and I had no choice but to find a good recipe. This was also the same time that I rediscovered my love for crunchy […]

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