About Meinhilde and Tomiko

No, we’re not twins.

We decided to create this blog to document all of our food, decor, and crafty projects, which we have been churning out for years (decades, really). So here’s a bit of background: 


By day, I am a registered dietitian working in Toronto. I am so happy to be able to use my love of food and cooking in the workplace. But enough about work – this isn’t a nutrition blog. I also love to travel and eat new foods! I am interested in crafting, birdwatching, board games, and personal finance.

In 2013 I moved into my own apartment (before that, I was living at home, then at university, then back home). Luckily I was able to give the apartment a bit of a facelift and then decorate it with all of my own interests and belongings. Researching how I was going to arrange my 425 sq ft apartment got me interested in home decor and design.

Our Oma was a master tailor in Germany, and as kids we would visit her every summer. Since there wasn’t much to do in rural Germany, Tomiko and I got into crafts: crocheting, knitting, sewing, embroidery, dollmaking… the list goes on. Now, we are also into printing and stamping, watercolours, quilting, and photography.

Favourite Movie: Labyrinth. I can recite the whole thing for you, but I won’t.

Favourite Food: a three-way tie between chow mein from Chinatown, Trinidadian vegetable roti, and Sapporo Ichiban chicken-flavour ramen.

Favourite Musicians: David Bowie and Hawksley Workman

My Perfect Weekend: after waking up with the sun and enjoying a cup of tea, I would visit a farmer’s market for brunch, seasonal produce, and cheeses. In the summer I would go for a long bike ride along the shore of Lake Ontario, then spend the evening sitting on the patio with drinks and books and friends and family. In the winter I would take a walk through the different neighbourhoods of Toronto and window-shop, either Parkdale, the Junction, Leslieville, or Ossington. Then in the evening, after a yummy home made dinner, I would play board games with friends while drinking hot chocolate !

Contact Meinhilde at meinhilde(@)kikucorner.com


I work in an office, staring at my computer screens all day and I desperately needed to promote some creativity and whimsy in my life. Kiku Corner gives me the motivation and outlet to stay crafty.

Travel is definitely part our essence here at Kiku Corner. We grew up in Saudi Arabia, which was really the beginning of our worldly adventures and created our endless need for exploration. After moving back to Canada for university, I did a co-operative work year just outside London, England. Upon graduation, I found a job on a cruise line where I travelled the globe by sea with Donatello for four years.  I am finally based back again in Toronto, living in a teeny space with Donatello. We are one floor above both Meinhilde’s and Karlos’ (our brother) individual apartments, and you will see snapshots of our places featured here on Kiku Corner.

Contact Tomiko at kikucorner (@) gmail.com


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4 Replies to “About Meinhilde and Tomiko”

  1. Hi, Meinhilde and Tomiko. Did you know that Ellie’s middle name is Kiku and that your Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Uncle John all had boats named Kiku? Cool, huh?

  2. Hallo Meinhilde & Tomiko!
    I really enjoy reading your blog! I am German, used to live close to Toronto, in Kitchener & London……now in the beautiful south of Spain!
    best wishes…

    1. It’s great to meet another world traveller! We currently live in Canada, but we don’t plan on staying here forever either!

  3. Hello Meinhilde and Tomiko!
    I loved looking around your blog. I am Greek and for 14 years I used to live in London. The last 6 years I live with my husband and daughter in Elefsina, a small seaside town close to Athens. Like you, we are planning to move again to a more picturesque place that will inspire us!!
    All the best in your adventures 🙂

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