DIY: Chunky Cabled Crochet Beanie with Free Pattern

Chunky Cabled Crochet Beanie

Chunky Cabled Crochet BeanieChunky Cabled Crochet Beanie

Although it’s now spring, I’m still energetically crocheting hats – this chunky cabled crochet beanie is from Yarnspirations. Tomiko and I are trying out some new patterns (and writing our own) in beautiful yarns from our local yarn stores to eventually sell in our Kiku Corner Etsy shop!

This was the first time I crocheted twisting cables, and it took me a second look at the instructions to figure it out. However, the hat ended up being easy to put together and quite quick as well! I wanted to make a warmer hat so I used an undyed Aran weight wool from Loops & Threads from my yarn stash instead of the suggested soft and shiny acrylic. The undyed colouring of the yarn does not give the hat much stitch definition, but that doesn’t seem to matter since the cables are so large. I had enough leftover yarn to add a fat and fluffy pom pom.

Chunky Cabled Crochet Beanie

The pattern for the cabled crochet beanie starts from the rim and is worked up to the crown, which is then gathered. The twisting cables don’t start right at the rim, so I like to fold up the rim to create a thick band. This helps with the fit of the beanie and makes it much warmer around the ears.

The pattern reminds me of the rustic cabled Aran sweaters from Ireland. I visited in the summer of 2007 and bought myself a white Aran sweater from the local co-op shop; the yarn was so ‘fresh’ the sweater still smelled like sheep! The The Knitter’s Book of Wool says that the lanolin on the wool helped keep the sweaters waterproof, and that even when wet, wool can help keep someone warm.
Chunky Cabled Crochet Beanie

Click here for the free pattern from Yarnspirations.

Chunky Cabled Crochet Beanie

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  1. Cute hat! Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY link up!

  2. What a great beanie! Thank you for sharing this project at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Cute hat! It looks warm. Thank you for sharing at Ravenwould.

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  5. That beanie is so cute!

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