How To Make Real Whipped Cream


Real whipped cream beats any of that stuff that comes from a can (pun intended). As a kid, though, I didn’t know any better, and I would get a can of whipped cream in my stocking at Christmas! Then we visited our Oma in rural Germany, and she showed me the real deal.

Cakes in Germany are called Kuchen, and they are more like coffee cakes. Torten are the special things; also known as gateaux in French. I guess there is no equivalent word in English, but these Torten are multi-layered cake and whipped cream confections. Buttercream and icing is nowhere to be found – whipped cream doesn’t need any help from those second fiddles.

You can use whipped cream to fill and frost a cake, or to top ice cream or pies. It will keep for about one day in the fridge, covered, before it starts to separate. It’s still safe to eat, but isn’t a good consistency to frost a cake.

Here is my recipe for this delicious treat: 






Real Whipped Cream
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: German
Prep time:
Total time:
  • 500 mL heavy cream (35%)
  • 1 sachet vanilla sugar (if you don't have this, use 1 Tbsp sugar with 1 tsp vanilla extract)
  1. Make sure your bowl, beaters, and cream are cold. If the cream or bowls are too warm, the fat molecules in the cream melt, and the cream won't whip.
  2. Pour your cream into a medium bowl. It should be deep, so that the cream doesn't splatter all over you and you kitchen.
  3. Beginning with the lowest speed on your hand mixer or stand mixer, start beating the cream. After about 30 seconds or so, increase the speed.
  4. Keep increasing the speed, gradually. Once the cream is thick like yogurt, you can add the vanilla sugar.
  5. Keep increasing the speed, gradually. The cream is fully whipped when stiff peaks form, and if you turn the bowl of cream upside down, it shouldn't move.
  6. Enjoy on cake, ice cream, coffee



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