Travelling on a Budget

Travelling on a Budget, Kiku Corner

Travelling on a budget is the only way we get around here at Kiku Corner. As poor students Tomiko and I would jump on a plane every chance we got, even when we were only working part-time. Over the years we have collected a list of our favourite travel tips, which we are happy to share with you. The general theme is be patient and plan ahead when possible. We’d love to hear your suggestions as well!

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Kiku Corner’s Ice Cream Party!

Ice Cream Party! Kiku Corner

For my birthday this year I decided it was time for an ice cream party! We love going to Dutch Dreams for the best banana split in the city, but I wanted to try to build my own.  I picked up vanilla, chocolate, and matcha ice cream and a bunch of toppings. I prepared my own strawberry sauce and we made some real vanilla whipped cream.

Ice Cream Party, Kiku Corner 4

Strawberry Sundae

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Birthday Banana Split

Banana Split, Kiku Corner

We love our banana splits around here. Our favourite is from Dutch Dreams, which we would never dare to replicate, but rather use as inspiration. This version is heavy on the fruits since it is the middle of summer and berries are abound. We also kept it simple with only one flavour of ice cream, but you could easily add another scoop of your fave flavour.

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Strawberry Sauce with Black Pepper

Strawberry Sauce with Black Pepper, Kiku Corner 6

This strawberry sauce uses super ripe berries from the height of the summer. This recipe has a bit of an edge since it uses black pepper as a complementary flavour. In this sundae, the sauce is paired with vanilla ice cream, mermaid tears, and a cherry on top. It is simple but classic and allows the strawberry sauce to pop.

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Chili Bacon Okra Bites

Chili Bacon Okra Bites 5, Kiku Corner

These chili bacon okra bites are a bit spicy, salty, and squishy all in one delicious mouthful. Okra is a funny ingredient and often doesn’t have too many fans. That’s why I tried my fail-proof addition to intensify the flavour and appearance: bacon. The chili also provides the right amount of heat to make these interesting.

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