Striped Pinwheel Baby Quilt and Free Pattern

Striped Pinwheel Baby QuiltStriped Pinwheel Baby Quilt

I designed this Striped Pinwheel Baby Quilt to be cheerful and colourful. Ryan’s brother and sister-in-law had a baby in June, and I wanted to sew a little something for my brand new nephew! I used a mix of coloured quilting cotton patterns on a light neutral background.

The Pinwheel Baby Quilt is 34″ x 40″ (~86 cm x 101.5 cm). It is based on triangles, so a square or triangle template will help you cut out evenly-sized pieces. I debated whether or not to try machine quilting this baby quilt, but in the end I hand quilted it. I had previously hand quilted my own queen-size starburst quilt and it took ages, so the hand quilting on this one seemed to be a breeze!

Striped Pinwheel Baby Quilt

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Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie

Mile High Lemon Meringue PieI made this mile-high lemon meringue pie for Ryan’s 30th birthday. Who needs birthday cake when you have birthday pie!

The crust of the lemon meringue pie is nicely flaky and buttery tasting; it is blind-baked so it stays crisp when filled with the lusciously tart lemon custard filling and billowy soft marshmallow-like meringue.Mile High Lemon Meringue PieMile High Lemon Meringue Pie Continue reading →

Flavoured Water: Strawberry Basil Water

Strawberry Basil Water, Kiku Corner 7

This strawberry basil water is delicious. Growing up in the desert means we were always drinking water to stay hydrated. Sometimes though, one can get tired of plain water, so try flavouring it with pieces of  fruits, vegetables, and herbs. One of our most popular posts of all time is our lemon lime water, so we thought we’d try another variation.

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Vanilla Banana Smoothie

Vanilla Banana Smoothie, Kiku Corner 5

Donatello and I have this banana smoothie most mornings.  It has to be the easiest and most delicious way to get some calcium at breakfast, which is always a struggle for me.

For as long as I can remember, our mom has been making what she called banana milkshakes. Over time I came to realize that a milkshake usually has a scoop of ice cream (yum) and instead we were actually eating a banana smoothie. To add to the confusion, Donatello calls this drink banana juice. Whatever it’s name is, this is best served straight from the blender when it has a light froth for added luxury.

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Travelling on a Budget

Travelling on a Budget, Kiku Corner

Travelling on a budget is the only way we get around here at Kiku Corner. As poor students Tomiko and I would jump on a plane every chance we got, even when we were only working part-time. Over the years we have collected a list of our favourite travel tips, which we are happy to share with you. The general theme is be patient and plan ahead when possible. We’d love to hear your suggestions as well!

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