Canadian Design: David Crighton’s Toronto Illustrations

Annex Neighbourhood, David Crighton Illustration, Kiku Corner



David Crighton is a Toronto artist and illustrator whose works are of iconic Toronto neighbourhoods and landmarks. Our parents bought the above piece of the Annex neighbourhood in Toronto. Unfortunately some of these landmarks are now gone, like Dooney’s and Book City. Others, like Honest Ed’s, are set to close in the next few years. This is how I will remember the Annex, though, for sure.

The pieces are colourful, bright and punchy but a bit gritty as well. I want to get these for some friends that used to live in Toronto but moved back to other parts of Canada.

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DIY: Knit a Silk Bamboo Scarf

DIY: Knitted Purple Silk Bambo Scarf, Kiku Corner

This scarf is perfect for anyone that cannot wear wool. The fibres are so glossy and soft that there is no chance of any wool-related itch. I wanted to make a gift for our mother, who is both sensitive to wool’s scratchiness and is always too warm. Basically, she is never cold and I needed to find a scarf she could comfortably wear all winter.

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Canadian Design: Studio50

Rock Bottom Vessel by Studio50, Kiku Corner

Studio50 is a custom furniture and housewares gallery and workshop located in Paris, Ontario. Owners/makers Kim and Steve Prokopowich, use locally sourced hardwoods, concrete, and steel in each designed and meticulously hand-crafted piece. From mortar and pestles to the round glass pitchers with concrete stands, Studio50’s pieces are beautiful yet functional.


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Vanilla Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Vanilla Jam, Kiku Corner  Strawberry Vanilla Jam, Kiku Corner

I first learned how to make strawberry jam at the Whetung Ojibwa Crafts and Art Gallery Tea Room. My cousin and I spent a whole day picking strawberries, and then spent the better part of the next day churning out the strawberry jam that was to be used for Tea Room that year.

Alas, the Tea Room is now closed, but I still make jam! Homemade strawberry jam is my favourite type of jam, since the strawberry flavour is so pronounced. I jazzed things up a bit this year by adding a split vanilla bean. Cooking the berries with the vanilla bean infuses the jam with a faint hint of vanilla aroma, a definite plus!

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Canadian Design: Water In My Paint by Deidre Wicks

Bubble Blowing Up Close, Water In My Paint, Kiku Corner

Deidre Wicks creates original animal watercolours for Water In My Paint. I first saw her adorable and whimsical watercolours of cheeky animals at the Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Festival, and then again at the Toronto Etsy Made in Canada festival. Her adorable ballerina birdie was the poster child of the Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Festival, so I’m clearly not her only fan!

The bubble-blowing camel first caught my eye – having grew up in Saudi Arabia, camels are a soft spot for both Tomiko and me. All the other animals are adorably cheeky as well. I suppose that paintings of cute animals are the only ones I like more than paintings of food, but Deidre Wicks combines these two topics with such ease that I might need to make a purchase soon! Check out her Etsy page here.

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