Toronto Eats: Birthday Dinner at Cafe Belong

Toronto Eats: Birthday Dinner at Cafe Belong, Kiku Corner

Cafe Belong is an amazing restaurant located at the Evergreen Brickworks that specializes in sustainable, seasonal, locally sourced dishes.

Chef and owner Brad Long is a staunch advocate for sustainable farming and ethical treatment of livestock. There are many meatless options on both the brunch and dinner menus, so vegetarians do not feel forgotten or second-class.

To start, we had the amazing St. Lawrence Salad, a filling mixture of greens, grains, nuts, fruit and cheese tossed in a browned butter vinaigrette. Our dad had the Cobb Salad, which was an iceberg wedge served with tasty grains, a boiled duck egg, and stinky, salty blue cheese. Two of our party had the succulent pork chop with cauliflower-potato mash, while two others had a sweet and sticky pork dish. My dad and I each had a pasta dish with creamy gouda and vegetables. It wasn’t the most inspired vegetarian dish, but I sampled the tasty sides of most of the other dishes, and I was pleasantly full by the end of dinner.

We skipped the dessert (although we had the goat cheese cake once before, and it was amazing), because I had my homemade matcha Swiss roll waiting at home, but not before grabbing an espresso.

Since my family and I ate dinner here, and it being November, it was already dark outside. The next time I go I’d love to eat lunch at Cafe Belong and take advantage of the views that the glass walls offer. In the summertime, there is even an outdoor patio ringed by a wattle fence. It would be lovely to buy some fresh produce at the market, have lunch, and then take a walk around the fish- and turtle-filled ponds. Oh summertime!

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Canadian Design: Son of a Woodcutter by Jack Fouracre

Magic Wine Bottle Stand with barn board, Son of a Woodcutter by Jack Fouracre

Son of a Woodcutter is a woodcraft design company by Jack Fouracre that Tomiko and I discovered at the Annex Flea in November. Spurred by the need to prevent wooden pallets or old barnboard from ending up in landfill sites, Jack Fouracre transforms these into sturdy, beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime.

When I was furnishing my apartment back in the spring of 2013, I would have definitely bought one of these pieces. I am drawn to the whole reclaimed wood idea, which refashions existing and perfectly good wood into functional works of art. This not only gives you a one-of-a-kind piece, but your item might have some interesting history to it. I’ve seen furniture made with reclaimed beams from historic buildings in Toronto, and the trees themselves of course were even older than that! The other important aspect of using reclaimed items is that the wood and whatever other materials you are using do not end up in a landfill, where they will take decades to decompose and are of no use to anyone.

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Crafty Circle Sundays

Crafty Circle Sundays, Kiku Corner Crafty Circle Sundays, Kiku Corner Crafty Circle Sundays, Kiku Corner

Last fall, a friend expressed her desire to be one of those little old ladies at an old-fashioned quilting bee. This inspired me to send out an invitation to a few more friends to see if they’d like to get together regularly, throughout the winter, to work on crafty projects. The gathering was a success! There were six of us who would regularly attend to work on crocheting, knitting, painting, and some type of Swedish needle binding while snacking on hors d’oeuvres and watching Downton Abbey. We would generally meet at either my or Tomiko’s apartments on Sunday evenings. It’s a great way to make normally individual activities more social, as well as learning new crafts and techniques. One friend last year learned to crochet, while another worked on her knitting. Since we all have different skill levels and know different crafts, we act as a great resource for each other when trying new things.

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Rosemary Flavoured Salt

DIY Rosemary Salt, Kiku Corner

Rosemary is such a flavourful herb with a woodsy, foresty, somewhat piney aroma that nicely compliments the strong taste of lamb. For non-meat eaters like myself, I enjoy rosemary with potatoes, onions, or beans. Rosemary surprisingly goes nicely with apples or pears in sweet dishes – just be sure to not add too much.

Like the thyme salt I’ve made before, I’ve flavoured some salt with dried rosemary, adding in a few black peppercorns for visual appeal. You can use dried or fresh rosemary, just be sure to rub the leaves with your fingertips to bruise them and help release the flavourful oils. This salt lasts quite a while and makes a great gift for any of your friends who love to cook!

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Canadian Design: Azure Design Jewelry by Anastassia Selezneva

wire wrapped labradorite, rainbow moonstown and fresh water pearl necklace, Azure Design, Kiku Corner

Sterling silver wire wrapped labradorite, rainbow moonstone and fresh water pearls on a necklace

Azure Design is a jewelry line by Anastassia Selezneva. A self-taught jewelry designer, Anastassia Selezneva creates stunning pieces of jewelry including rings, pendants and statement necklaces. She incorporates beautiful stones like pink topaz, dreamy moonstones, or shimmering Labradorite in gold or silver wire to fashion statement jewelry pieces. I’m not one for super sparkly pieces of jewelry with clear, colourless gems, so the pieces at Azure Design are especially tempting to me!

You can buy her gorgeous pieces from her Etsy site.

pink topaz wire wrapped ring, Azure Design, Kiku Corner

Gold-filled pink topaz wire wrapped statement mesh ring

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